We are an industry leader between the small privately owned companies focused on providing the best agribusiness information management solution. An elegant solution which addresses the complex challenges arising from the contractual, logistic, financial, manufacturing and distribution aspects of businesses which buy, sell, hedge, warehouse, merchandise, export or transform commodities into value-added products for distribution.

Our service portfolio include solutions, tools and applications in agricultural research, implementation of new technologies and innovations, product composition, sales and marketing, smart farming, livestock and crop production, tools and process automation as well as autonome farming and production, local farmer management, capacity planing and optimisation.



Beyond Software

  • Rich statistical toolbox covers a wide range of data analysis requirements
  • Highly scalable to support interactive data exploration of billions of data points
  • Proprietary mapping technology enables integrated analysis across diverse data
  • Graphical workflows for standardized and automated data processing
  • Out-of-the-box support for many experi - mental technologies and applications

Enterprise Solution

  • Central server deployment and automatic client installation for reduced total cost of ownership
  • Supported APIs enable integration of inhouse databases and reporting systems
  • Centralized storage and management of data, including experimental metainformation
  • Server solution enables end-to-end traceability

Increased Efficiency

  • Significantly reduced time and cost for data analysis and data management
  • Simplifies data integration, independent of source or technology
  • Maximizes the value of statistical analysis through integration of diverse data
  • Using innovative technologies including drones, big data and life sciences

Automation and Optimisation

  • Delivering flexible IT infrastructure options to build scale and drive growth
  • Building end-to-end value chain integration from farm to factory and increasing information visibility
  • Optimizing asset utilization and maximizing commodities trading margins
  • Identifying new opportunities for efficiencies in origination, processing, supply chain and logistics